Welcome to my personal website…

A random compilation of my interests, inspirations, ideas and rants. By personal, I truly mean personal. That is, contents of this website are based completely on my personal viewpoint and beliefs. Just like you can have two (or more) different email aliases (or, analogically similar social network profiles) to communicate with different groups of people in different tone, I think, I too deserve the right to publish different websites for different purposes. However, in contrast with emails, I have no control over the readers of this website. So, before you go any further into this website, I need your help to do the judgement to decide whether this website is for you or not.

By any means, please do not try to relate things you read or see here with my professional role(s). In case you know me through a business, i.e. there is a provider-consumer relationship between you and me, then I would request you go to the respective business website where useful information for you are more appropriately laid out. If you are unable to find the relevant information elsewhere, or if are still interested in my personal side, I would not stop you but just remind you again about the “judgement” thing I mentioned above. Receive only what’s suitable for you, and ignore/forget everything else. Thank you for your understanding.

And, here are what you will find in this website:

My Blog

A web log where I chronologically write down my random experiences, thoughts and free advises for my friends and fellows. Among other things, you will also find hard criticisms, high-ambitious ideas and rants addressed to everybody else out there including corporate/political leaders and governments. I know, many of them just don’t care. Still, I believe that some of them are wiser than the rest. Despite being negligible in weight, I am one of their consumers, slaves or sheep anyway. So, by their own rules, they have to listen.

My Profiles

Things about me, broken into professional and academic profiles.

Useful Links

I collect and publish links to great sites, people and readings I meet which I think may come to help to my readers. While most of them are appropriate for everyone around the world, some of my reader recommendations are specially focused to the young generation of people from Bangladesh.

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